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Time for Z: A New Generation of Project Talent Is Ready To Work

Kate Rockwood

Generation Z is about to steal the spotlight.

The oldest members of Gen Z—born between roughly 1994 and 2010—are finishing college. But by 2020, they'll make up 20 percent of the global workforce. Hiring managers and project management offices can prep to snag top next-gen talent by knowing what—beyond a native attachment to tech—makes Gen Z tick.

“What attracts Gen Z is so much more than tech tools and a strong project environment,” says Josh Oni, project coordinator global talent acquisition, CA Technologies, Datchet, England. “It's about collaboration, career direction and adding clear value.”

Two Gen Z project professionals tell PM Network® how they got a running start.

Sanum Sheikh
Junior associate program manager, Sapient Nitro
Location: New York, New York, USA
Age: 22
Experience: 9 months

After shadowing a project manager during an internship at Nike, Ms. Sheikh discovered a promising career path.

What attracted you to project management as a profession?

I was an information systems major, but I didn't want to get stuck in one development role and get bored. With project management, I felt I'd be able to see something from start to finish—and that would be pretty rewarding.

What was your role at Nike?

I updated a dashboard to monitor defects and participated in future…

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