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Is India's Information Technology Story Ending? Can We Sustain It?

Jayanth P. Reddy, and PMI Bangalore India Chapter

The information technology industry saw a lot of radical changes over the past five to seven years. Some of them are due to the “ongoing” economic crisis across the globe and others are due to the sudden advent of disruptive technologies. This has broken the red lines across many businesses, changing the information technology (IT) industry landscape and also making the workers in the industry really confused about their future.

India, in particular, has been a focal point of the IT revolution in the last two decades. These changes are now impacting India and Indian IT. There is a significant change in strategy for companies in terms of type of work (NASSCOM, 2016c) and the type of IT consumptions. We are witnessing a plethora of IT and non-IT (using IT) start-ups, and traditional organizations in India, trying to emulate what businesses have done previously across the world, but some are really trying to innovate and solve some real problems facing our country. Needless to say, IT has become pervasive across all businesses. This paper tries to understand IT; its landscape and evolution; how it is becoming a core in traditional and non-IT businesses; and what organizations, start-ups, and workers can do in this era of confusion and transition to create more jobs, sustain jobs, and try to maintain India’s edge on the industry overall.

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