Is a PMO Worth It?

Dr. Lisa Hatherill is a Business Solutions Manager.

How can an organization benefit from hiring project managers when there is no project management office? Can it reap the benefit of a PMO to understand the linkages and dependencies between and among projects? Do the benefits from not incurring the cost of a PMO alleviate the need for project management layers? Where does the cost benefit analysis turn toward the importance of a project management office? Does the connotation of a PMO adding layers of bureaucracy turn organizations away from implementing them? A small case study could provide some insights…

The Organic PMO
Working in an industry in flux presents many challenges—not the least of which is determining how to prioritize and manage projects. As the company is steering in a new direction, it makes sense to think about how a PMO fits into the new culture and strategic direction.

As a company with multiple sites running independently becomes a consolidated organization, we must consider if a PMO is necessary or advantageous. Does an organic PMO organized and run as a grassroots operation by project managers work well enough? Does a PMO fit in our organizational culture? Is the cost of creating and maintaining a PMO worth the investment?

Projects are now taking on more widespread influence and span due to the consolidation of systems and staff. Project management standards are needed across the …

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