Topic Teasers Vol. 100: PMs Supervising Code

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Help! I’m a project manager on assignment from a consulting company working with an agile lead and team who are also from my home firm. We are here to rewrite and get working a code project that was written by the client a year ago but never released. It is poorly documented and the coders have since left the customer company. The agile lead says our new code is done, but our team still needs about three months before we can do our final release. If I’m honest, I’m lost. If the programmers have written it, why can’t we just complete this contract now?

A. You need to get yourself a basic understanding of how code is written and tested, and how code coverage is used to specify how much of the code is executed when the program is run. Only then can you find the progress metrics you need to keep the sponsors updated.

B. You are correct that once the code has been written, the next step is to release it to the customer. Contact a principle in your consulting firm to convey that the agile lead is allowing billable hours to accumulate for the client even though the project should be wrapped up now.

C. You need to talk to your co-lead on this team. He may think he is doing the consulting firm a favor by padding the time …

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