Coaching Agile Leaders: Applying Management Consulting Practices

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Dave is a program manager in Costa Mesa, California.

The practice of coaching people or teams to achieve specific goals is a global phenomenon that has existed since the origin of the human race. Elders or more highly skilled individuals would share experiences and knowledge with the younger members of a tribe. The skills included (but were not limited to) hunting, cooking, science, medicine and art. These skills were illustrated in cave drawings, demonstrating how knowledge was transferred to the current or next generation of tribal leaders. People shared stories to carry forward historical events that preserved culture and memories of the past.

In the modern day of globalization, continual connectedness and the demand to be agile, people need coaching to evolve to this new modus operandi. In this article, the definition of an agile coach includes:


  1. training and facilitating knowledge and application of agile frameworks
  2. collaborative engagement
  3. empowering people
  4. culture shift

The practice of agile coaching goes beyond single teams and extends to the transformation of organizations to respond appropriately to market challenges and opportunities.

Management Consulting
Management consulting (MC) is the practice of discovering customer issues and opportunities and engaging the customers’ leaders to define a vision, strategies and operational effectiveness to remain competitive …

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