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Behind the IT Strategy: Digital Transformation

Paul is a project manager in Madrid, Spain.

If you are delivering an IT project, chances are you’re involved in a digital transformation program. Although the idea behind digital transformation has been buzzing around for quite a while, it is making itself heard again in this cloud era.

So, what was it again? And why is it important to us project managers? In this article, I explore the backgrounds of digital transformation, the needs and the approach. With this in mind, we will see where project managers fit in—and why it's important to have background knowledge on the overall company strategy. 

Seasoned project managers will probably revive their past with me when I list the technological changes we have seen personally: from Nintendo systems to Walkmans, from VCRs to Atari computers, from microwaves to mobile phones. We have undergone some significant technological changes, haven’t we? 

Well, so has IT as a whole. If we look back, we can identify three phases—starting off by trying to get rid of paper by making everything digital. This is also where we started to use relation databases and make use of client-server architectures. These technologies helped us make our lives easier and work more efficient, but also initiated a change in the way companies were doing business: They allowed for process automation and internal integration. This was what we now call the initial …

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