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Two years ago I got my first Palm Pilot. It is a classic model with "US Robotics" prominently written across the top. Back then, I was one of those cool professionals making appointments and keeping notes with that sleek, new handheld machine. Well, folks, today that Palm Pilot is neither sleek nor new¾ it has been replaced by cool, new models that can "beam" information to others, surf the Web, and hold a great deal more information than my dinosaur. It's not long before the Palm Pilot becomes an everyday part of a businessperson's life. The proliferation of the Palm will now give organizations a whole new way of utilizing BI.

For a corporation, the upside of using BI on a Palm Pilot is huge. For example, once wireless activity is enabled on Palms, plant managers can be informed of certain plant conditions instantly on their Palm, or portfolio managers can view key metrics about their portfolios or submit new analyses from their fingertips. Similarly, salespeople will be able to pull up customized scripts on their Palm about a potential customer to whom they might be presenting. The Palm brings whole new meaning to the term "just in time" BI. Instead of pulling information far in advance of a situation, the Palm Pilot will enable individuals to get information that they need when they want it.

So what does this mean to you? If you'…

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