Battling Misconceptions About PMOs

PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter

Umme Tameem Qazi is the Vice President of Meezan Bank Limited in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Every PMO comes into existence with a specific goal and purpose that is tied up prominently with two aspects: an organization’s strategic foresight, and resolving problems plaguing successful delivery of outcomes. The latter is more often the reason that gives birth to a PMO, which—depending on organizational dynamics—evolves into a more refined and diversified unit.

This article is an attempt to straighten the skewed perception of the PMO’s role (which originates as part of the second aspect) and address some of the so-called “stigmas” persecuting it. It’s pertinent to mention that the PMO is a body that ideally employs (or should employ) professional project managers who are responsible for managing projects in their entirety. They should be seen on par with any individual holding professional titles like “lead,” “manager” or “head.” This is perhaps the only unit that possesses a holistic detailed view of all the projects, and therefore is well-tuned with a project’s health.

The Stigma of “Coordination”

     PMO: “Mr. X, what’s the status of Task A?”
     Mr. X: “I need certain information from Mr. Y.”
     PMO: “Have you asked Mr. Y for the info?”

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