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The 4 Roles You're Confusing with Project Manager

Lucas is a PM Specialist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The project manager is expected to be the main point of contact for getting up-to-date information and the latest inputs regarding the initiation, planning, execution, evaluation and closure of a project. And yet the wide role defined for a PM distorts its main goal: to efficiently manage a project through its costs and budget, its scope and quality, its times and deliverables.

Everybody expects the project manager to be accountable and responsible for the execution of a project in its different stages. However, managing the stages of a project does not mean executing the activities and core work related to the development of it.

On one hand, the PM takes care of the overall coordination during a planning session for structuring the future work; on the other hand, he or she might also be responsible for designing the breakdown structure of tasks and being the main source of knowledge and reference for them. The former is the true rule of a project manager executing its management duties, while the latter is a deviation and a deformation of the role.

Project managers might face two challenges when we talk about expectations set for the role:

  1. The challenge of overcoming the expectations set by the stakeholders and project sponsors
  2. The expectations set by the company culture and the working team

Commonly, deviations for the role come from assuming a PM …

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