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To Cloud or Not to Cloud: The Technology Change Impact Is Just the Tip of the Cloud Iceberg

Joe McAdam, PMP

Probably the most overused, misunderstood, and overhyped term in technology in recent memory is cloud. While Jason Segel may have exaggerated somewhat in the movie Sex Tape with his declaration, “No one understands the cloud!” he was not far from the truth. Certainly, cloud technology offers an entirely new realm of opportunity that must be understood to effectively leverage its technical capabilities, but it also presents multiple organizational challenges that must be considered to position an organization to support it.

For those of us new to the ways of cloud technology, we form perceptions as to what it is: outsourcing the setup, configuration, management, and even the installation of an operating system for servers and storage to a third party, to the extent that the service more closely resembles a utility than a managed service. Consider your home’s electric bill: Are you concerned with where the electric company sources its power from, so long as it gets to your home? Have you ever inquired of your electric company as to its disaster recovery or continuity plans? More than likely, you have not.

While this comparison may be an oversimplification of the parallels, the point is that corporations want to invest in their strategic business objectives, such as medicine, finance, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, retail, marketing, etc. No …

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