Taking SMART Goals to the Next Level

Over the past 10 years, Chris Cook has spent his career in the construction industry. He has a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Technology Management with an emphasis in Building Construction Management and Master's of Science in Project Management. He is an accredited PMP. Follow more of Chris's insights at his blog EntrePMeur.

Goal setting is an activity usually performed around the new year and then left alone for another 364 days. Everyone joins the gym in January and cancels their memberships in February. Saving more money than previous years becomes something you will do next year.

This frustration builds over years and years of empty promises. Lessons learned from one project become thematic. The world moves too fast, and too many unpredictable events occur to hunker down and stick to your goals.

One suggestion for goals is the SMART technique:


Using this technique makes your goals clear and reachable. However, what if you want to take your project, team or self to the next level quickly? This sensible approach leads to incremental changes, not world-shaking shifts. I want to take each step and show you how to turn SMART goals into game changers…

This step answers the questions…

  • What?
  • Why?
  • Who?
  • Where?
  • Which?

…to better identify the goal. Instead of weight loss, saving money or completing the project on time, you are pinpointing exact strategies to accomplish your goal.

In this instance, try to kill your goal or project before it begins. Poke holes …

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