On-the-Fly Scope Management

Sooriyakumar is an experienced Senior Project Manager in Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, GCP) with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

The speed of adoption with technology—specifically in the mobile and cloud environment—is so fast that it’s becoming more difficult to "freeze" the scope and ascertain what scope creep is and what a true change to scope is. This is a challenge I have faced as a project manager with a cloud service provider (too true in the managed services space, in my opinion).

In the two recent projects I worked on, I faced a series of challenges that all point to the same origin: the changing face of the customer as they embrace newer technologies. Today, it’s a simple Amazon Web Services with CloudWatch; tomorrow, it’s a complex public/private matchmaking solution. I would not be surprised if next month, we come across a customer wanting an interlock of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (anyone working on this, I would be excited to catch up!).

Speed at Adoption
What is more challenging is the speed at which adoption takes place (“immediate” comes to mind). Scope management takes a hit in these scenarios. How do we handle this? Do we have the time and resources to go through a change management process? Do we simply buy in with the stakeholders and move on by amending the project plan to incorporate the needs? Do we push back?

I have been pondering these questions for some time. What I keep hearing: Keep up with the business …

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