Topic Teasers Vol. 101: Expanding Agile to the Enterprise

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It’s so frustrating when we just get a close, well-functioning agile team going and then someone gets moved out and someone new comes in! It feels like we’re starting from scratch and losing a lot of the value of having dedicated agile teams in the first place. Any tips for how we can make this transition without so much disruption to the team and to the project?

A. Once an agile team is formed and trained, no member from the team should be moved. Most organizations require a two-year signed contract from the employee before they are allowed to work on an agile team that will be coached by an outside consultant.

B. The need for an agile team to be collocated and stable has been greatly exaggerated. As long as the appropriate Microsoft Project pages are updated before a person leaves the team, the next person to sit in that cubicle will become interchangeable with the one who left within 18 working hours.

C. Agile team members can be moved and shifted mid-project, but only to other teams in the organization. In that way, they can continue to finish up the work they committed to do on their current project at the same time as they are also doing the user stories of the new project team. Once the original project is released, …

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