3 Ways to Improve Interpersonal Communication in a Virtual World

Kristin specializes in managing organizational transformation projects through leadership engagement, executive communications and change management.

Based on a recent New York Times article, over 43% of employed Americans spend a portion of their week working remotely.[1] Additionally, the number of remote workers grows year-over-year, with a 5.6% increase in 2016.[2] This is great news for organizations, businesses and employees alike, as working remotely is proven to increase productivity, reduce employee turnover and boost morale.[3]

As much as we may benefit from flexible environments, remote work has its challenges—such as coordinating between different time zones, giving/receiving feedback over the phone and even technological challenges (i.e., weak wireless connection or spotty phone service).

One of the leading challenges to working virtually is bonding with colleagues. Building rapport and camaraderie with team member’s increases trust and collaboration, which is the backbone to any successful project or initiative. Although bonding is more naturally developed when employees are physically present in a central location, virtual teams can be healthy, highly collaborative and successful.

Project managers should consider the following ways to enhance communication on virtual teams…

Know When to Pick-Up the Phone
As our world becomes more virtual, so do the ways we communicate. Instead of face-to-face meetings, we video chat. Instead of sending a note, we send a text message. New …

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