Project Momentum Continuity Improvement: Focal Areas to Increase Performance

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Randall is an IT Project Manager, in Cumming, Georgia.

Facilitating planning and execution at a pace that maintains project momentum—whether iterative or traditional “big bang” planning—is challenging. Every organization has projects to direct necessary change; therefore, every organization can have issues with resistance, distractions and the task minutiae overload that holds back progress. By identifying methods to reduce the impacts of these three areas, we maintain project momentum, reduce delays, mitigate motivation detraction and gain altogether better results.

In fact, there are three broad areas that can be targeted to improve project momentum at every stage of a project, and even a program or portfolio. The improvement effect can benefit large or small projects:

  1. Reducing resistance at any or all levels
  2. Mitigating distraction of over-communication or data overload
  3. Resource focus dynamics—right-sizing the detailed tasks and assignments with people

Why is momentum continuity important?
The value of project management to any business is based on the benefits it provides as a return on the investment the PMO or the project manager provides to the business. Companies generally do not initiate projects unless there is an expected value stream.

The potential value that any project outcome may provide can be broken into many concepts, but generally fall into three broad areas:

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