Topic Teasers Vol. 103: Managing Personal Motivation

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I’m sorry, but some days I hate mornings. I come into work and have so much to do, but I just can’t get myself started. My work is interesting, I have plenty to do and I like my team; it’s just that some days I have absolutely no motivation. How embarrassing that I lead others, but many mornings I can’t lead myself to get busy with productive work. Thoughts?

A. Ask at your morning stand-up meeting or daily scrum if others are experiencing what you are. After the meeting, perhaps several of you who feel the same way can go for coffee and discuss why you are not ready to begin work for the day.

B. Upon arrival at work, take the first half hour to play “League of Legends” or another online game you find engaging. It’s easy after only 30 minutes online to stop and change your attention over to the duller tasks you have waiting for you.

C. Acknowledge that we are all human and often have trouble switching to work mode after a hectic pre-work schedule. Set up a Kanban process at your desk with all your “to dos.” When you come in, pick the easiest or most appealing to get you going. Once you get started, you may find your brain engagement level returns.

D. Apply for a transfer. Even …

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