How to Celebrate PM Success

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With December’s arrival, it’s time to reflect and celebrate on all we have achieved this year. Take note, ambitious project managers! If are you focused on achieving your goals and tasks, you may neglect to celebrate your success. Here’s why that is a problem…

The Ritual of Celebration
Rituals and habits are trendy again after neglect. While rituals may conjure religious ideas for some, a celebration comes to mind for me. Many years ago, the speaker at my high school graduation spoke about the value of rituals. Graduation is a great time to celebrate awards and progress. Unfortunately, as we grow older and take on more responsibility, celebration is neglected.

If you are interested in building a successful project management career, rediscover celebration. Let’s consider celebrating your success as an individual and then for the whole project team.

Individual Celebration: Taking Stock and Enjoying Rewards
In contrast to those carrying out the work (writing the code, laying the bricks and so forth), your contribution as a project manager is less visible. That ends today! When you get to the conclusion of your next project or project phase, here are a few ways to celebrate:

Taking stock…

  • Positive lessons learned: What practices and techniques did you use successfully on the project? Take note of what you did well so you …

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