And the Winner Is…Integrity!

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Nenad has more than 15 years of experience in quality and development at posts in France,Thailand and Serbia, including team management and project management positions.

I recently conducted a poll on with the following question:

“When hiring, what are the qualities of the candidates that you value the most?” The community voted and the results are:

  1. Integrity: 29%
  2. Passion: 27%
  3. Experience: 20%
  4. Intelligence: 10%
  5. Other: 7%
  6. Execution: 4%
  7. Energy: 3%

It seems that the Pareto principle is at work here: The first three choices account for almost 80% of the votes. Let’s take a closer look at the winners…

What is integrity? The definition is “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.” The word itself evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. So the concept of integrity implies wholeness, a completeness of character.

In other words, in order to have integrity, the first step is to know who you are. You must be absolutely clear about your personal values. This is very important because every serious company has a set of values of its own. They may vary from company to company, but if a company is successful, you can bet that it is clear about what its values are.

You are a good hire if your personal values are well aligned with those of the company. You get the picture—it’s impossible to know whether you are a good fit for the company if you are not very clear about your own …

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