Developing Your Personal Talent Management Program

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Organizations recognize that their employees’ skills are of great value. Attrition due to retirements and fierce competition over certain specialized areas (e.g., artificial intelligence) drive organizations to improve their talent management programs. These talent programs inform hiring, learning and development, policies and promotion.

All of this might lead you to think that the organization will manage your career for you. That’s a huge mistake. What if your organization decides to emphasize developing technical professionals instead of your field? In that case, it’s clear that you need your own talent management program. The starting point is to set some goals for your talent.

“Developing a project manager’s career is in most cases more challenging than for technical positions. Project managers require much wider spectrum of soft skills than their technical colleagues, and at the same time they are less formally controlled by their supervisors,” explains Oleg Ridchenko, VP Business Development at Intetics Inc., which creates software and related solutions for clients. “It is important for project managers to devote attention to self-assessment of their activities, strengths, weaknesses and building their own career development plan based on their results.”

Developing requirements is a key part of any project. Let&…

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