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Project Managing the Start-Up: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Project Managers

Riaan Steenberg assists entrepreneurs in moving from entrepreneurial intent to starting up their businesses. Dr. Steenberg completed his doctoral degree in business management with a focus on enabling entrepreneurship education. He has also been a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holder for more than 10 years, and uses practical methodologies to assist people in overcoming start-up challenges.

Start-ups can gain a lot from project management methodologies, and this article gives an outline of the main project management processes that a start-up goes through.

It is well known that project management is a system whereby a specific scope is achieved. This article looks at the elements that can assist an entrepreneur in defining the scope of a start-up, and uses some central ideas in project management to increase the probability of success in achieving that scope.

Special focus is given to the differences between entrepreneurship practice and normal project management practice.

A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. A start-up, at the same time, is defined as the process of setting something in motion. It is no surprise that there should be essential parallels between the processes of running a project and starting a business. For many entrepreneurs, there is a major disconnect between dreams and what happens in reality, arguably because there is a limited understanding on how to manage the project of starting up a business. This article gives an outline of how to apply some of the essential elements of project management to an entrepreneurial journey.

Many new businesses fail due to an entrepreneur not understanding the twin disciplines of project and portfolio …

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