Program Management as a Formidable Weapon

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Paul is a Sr. Project Manager with The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. Paul's 14 years of project management experience run the gamut of industries: health care, publishing, finance, manufacturing and marketing. Paul is PMP certified, and he holds true to the principles of project management when running his projects, which has resulted in many successes.

It’s a great tribute to the project management profession that program management is now more formally recognized in the business world today. PMI was at the forefront of formalizing this discipline by starting the Program Management Professional (PgMP)® certification many years ago.

It’s easy to think that the need for program management arises proactively in an organization in response to well-defined and thoroughly formulated strategic objectives. After all, the idea of adding a management structure for benefits realization from multiple projects would be most appealing to companies that have much control over their destiny. Yet, if “necessity is the mother of invention,” the need for program management sometimes arises under the most difficult of circumstances. Competitive pressures and a changing business landscape can trigger businesses to wake up and overlay related projects with a management structure organized for consolidated benefits—hence a program is born.

Perhaps you’ve seen this scenario happen in the corporate world: a company learns of a serious business threat (e.g., a competitor launches a new product or builds a facility in the company’s territory). Perhaps a series of hidden workflow flaws suddenly manifest themselves, causing a large impact to the financials (e.g., billing gaps). Maybe new security …

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