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Status Reporting: Your Personal Brand

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Brian is a passionate ICT executive specializing in complex program management, organizational leadership and flawless execution.

We all know that how you present yourself determines to a great degree how you will be perceived by others—and how they will in turn respond to you. When you take pride to present yourself professionally, the world responds accordingly—mirroring back to you the same level of respect you have for yourself. It's all about personal branding, right?

In the world of project and program management, you as the project or program manager are afforded an opportunity to promote your own personal brand on a routine basis—and that comes with the project/program status report! I am always shocked to see how many skilled project practitioners fail to truly take advantage of this opportunity or, even worse, help to degrade their own personal brand through sloppy and poorly structured stakeholder communications on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Here are some effective ways for you as PM to up your game and promote your personal brand in a positive manner via your project status report:

1. Always use an executive summary at the top of your e-mail project status report. You do not want to be that person that forces your most senior executives to have to pore over the entire status report and any attachments to hopefully glean the essence of what it is you are trying to communicate. Make it easy for executives to pick up on salient points at a glance so they can move …

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