The Role of Project Managers in Industry 4.0

PMI Northern Italy Chapter

Luca is a PM consultant in Italy. He has a passion for the industry and has worked as a professional in project management for more than 10 years.

The change process coined “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”—from which comes the term Industry 4.0—is based on the concept of cyber-physical systems (CPS). In this system, all the elements (business processes, production processes, services, etc.) are represented in a virtual world through an avatar that allows goods, objects, machines and people to communicate with each other and to determine certain events (or to simply support our decisions).

At the company level, the impact of this revolution on production processes will not only be limited to technological and infrastructural aspects. This change process will promote the development of new professional figures, new organizational structures and the growth of a new style of management.

In Industry 4.0, project managers will be the main leaders of projects of significant strategic importance for the future of companies, facing a new scenario with these elements:

  • The project teams will be increasingly delocalized, with people that will interact from different parts of the world—all with their own cultural and professional identity that should be integrated.
  • The growth of hybrid project teams, where some team members will be “virtual assistants”—real software that has the learning and expressive skills similar to human beings.
  • In order to ensure the best …

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