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Are leaders born or made? That question has been bantered around industry and academics, since, well…forever. It’s quite obvious that leaders are both born and made. We’re all born, but we aren’t all made into leaders.

Leadership is an acquired skill that is born out of the baptism by fire, which is found within the development and guidance of free-thinking individuals. It is the ability to see people not as simple inputs to a process, but as the hub of the process. The straw that stirs the drink. A force that must be empowered in order to be unleashed. The active agent of project success.

You’ve established that you can lead; everyone agrees with that assessment. But project management is more than leadership. Can you perform the tasks of the role of project manager consistently—and at a high level? Are you aware that there’s a certain degree of duality that comes with the role?

You have a customer and yet you are a customer to vendors. You have the 49 project management processes from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) that you must master, yet your project work is bound to functional processes that must be mastered by individuals other than you.

Lastly, you have a project management staff that works very close to you on a daily basis and they assist in the planning, monitoring and …

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