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Is Change Management in Your Job Description?

PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter

Paul has run a plethora of projects in multiple industries throughout his 20-year career, ranging from process improvement to agile to most recently cyber-security. Paul is also a reputable speaker, drawing practical and humorous conclusions from the "trenches" of his employers. Paul's dedication as a PM practitioner started decades ago, when he became one of the first 10,000 people to earn the PMP.

There are multiple “dynamics” happening to the environments in which we perform project management today. These dynamics will place the topic of change management on every project manager’s mind. After all, it’s not enough for project managers to achieve success through on-time and on-budget delivery alone. All indications are pointing to the convergence of project management and making the organization ready for the change that the project will cause.

This convergence is highlighted by PMI’s shift to delivering business value through projects. Have you ever delivered a project on time and on budget…only to have it not adopted? Did you ever deliver a solution that only partially met a business requirement, or that obsoleted itself upon delivery? Were you ever told, particularly in the context of an IT project, “Let’s deliver the solution—we’ll figure out how to use it later…”? Have you ever doubted the phrase “If we build it, they will come”?

Let’s outline the dynamics that are forcing change management into our job descriptions:

  • It takes a project to implement a change. Outside of large-scale initiatives, there is only day-to-day operations, organizational re-shuffling and incremental enhancements through continuous improvement. When the dimensions of scale and complexity …

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