Topic Teasers Vol. 107: Quick Reporting for Agile and Waterfall Hybrid Teams

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My latest project has me working with a traditional team while I’m leading an agile one. It does its reporting on Microsoft Project, but frankly it will really hold us back if we have to do heavy documentation. Is there a quick workaround for this type of hybrid situation?

A. There are many types of agile approaches that can be chosen. When working on a hybrid project that needs both software and hardware, scrum is the only agile methodology that will be compatible. Save DSDM, TDD, kanban and other types of approaches for projects that can be solely agile.

B. Agile and waterfall are so different in their daily actions and their end goals that it is extremely unwise to blend them. If the details of the project work require both software and hardware be produced, move everyone onto one waterfall team and demote the ScrumMaster to a programmer for the duration of the project, using the typical management friendly reports.

C. The success of the agile methodology demands that they use the processes, communication techniques and documentation that come with their pre-defined rituals. If it is necessary for two types of teams to work on a single project, each group must retain its own individual activities and reporting techniques.


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