The Digital Age: What Challenges Await New PMs?

Jiju is a project manager who takes on projects that need help. He likes a challenge put in front of him to be solved in a fixed amount of time. Because of this trait, he was fortunate enough to be called upon for completing projects in distress. Through detailed analysis and designing mitigation strategies, he is able to turn distressed projects into successful ones.

In the new brave world of digital startups causing market disruption and driving phenomenal growth, it’s no secret that project managers are looked up to for providing situational leadership and guidance in steering the ship in the right direction.

Young (as well as new) PM practitioners—who are relatively new to the profession and had started their career during this exciting new age of landscape-shattering business paradigms and technology innovations—hold the key to the next phase in successful project management for organizations globally.

New-age organizations like Uber, AirBnB, Google and Amazon are continuously challenging existing project management approaches and driving practitioners to closely align with their dynamic business goals and desires. It also needs to be noted that not all these organizations always favor a hierarchical structure that would put the project manager in the driver’s seat.

The world heard the story a few years back when Google experimented with self-driving project teams that had minimal to no management oversight. After a few iterations, Google leadership found that skilled project managers can indeed make projects successful in all aspects.

However, the takeaway from such an experiment is that project management approaches—as well as project managers—should continuously evolve if they need to …

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