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Topic Teasers Vol. 110: Call Center or Contact Center?

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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I am very excited because I have just been hired by a start-up company as a project manager. Since we are small in size, I am handling more decisions about the structure of the organization than I would be able to do in a typical project management position. However, this also leaves me in a vulnerable position when I am asked to make management-level decisions. Currently, I am to lead a project to create a customer contact department. Should it be a call center or a contact center?

A. For a new business, a call center focused on telephone contact as a resource for customers with questions would be a good first choice. As time goes on and the business grows, you can always expand to have a contact center.

B. Call centers, contact centers, customer service centers, help desks are all just different names for the same services. Pick the one that sounds the most familiar to you, as that is probably the term used in your part of the world.

C. As the project manager, most of the customer questions will be about the projects you are implementing and how close they are to completion. It will be of great value to your organization if you also offer to manage this inbound telephone part of the business. In this way, as the company grows you will…

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