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Digital Transformation: Strategies to Transform Organizations

The rules of business have been constantly changing. In today’s world, not moving toward digital and online for a business could mean that it is not serving the latest generation of customers. This could result in not having a wider customer base. The institutions that were born after the internet revolution are competing head-on with those that have existed for decades. For such organizations to survive and thrive, a transformation has begun to increase its market share, customer base, revenues, and profitability. One of the transformations that is being adopted by most traditional organizations to stay ahead of the competition is the digital transformation.

Starting the digital transformation journey for a traditional and established organization is a major challenge as compared to that of a new organization. The challenge lies in changing their lines of business into digital form to offer the existing services and still maintain organizational culture at the same level. To tackle such issues, the mind blocks of stakeholders in their sales channel, organizational culture, infrastructure, and other departments that would already be at a mature level as compared to a start-up must be faced head-on. This article focuses on strategies that need to be included in the transformation journey for an already process-matured organization.

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