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Project Management as a U.S. Government Vendor: From Task Award to Closure

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Jennifer has spent the majority of her project management career supporting federal, state and local government and higher education customers with telecommunications infrastructure, installation and migration projects. She is currently employed full time managing projects including cloud and data center migrations, telecommunication and data infrastructure installations and upgrades, and many other IT projects.

Projects in the United States government arena are themselves unique, yet by applying the same principles and guidelines as defined by the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—and those defined by the prospective government agency project management and contracting offices—the project manager can maintain their record of project success. Successful project completion within the government ensures a positive contractual rating and can affect the vendor’s future contract awards.

As a vendor for U.S. government agencies, running projects has specific processes and procedures that must be followed to ensure success. Each agency may use different tools for tracking and reporting status, and it is up to the vendor to adapt to the agency’s needs and requirements.

For a project manager to be successful in running government projects, they must adapt their standard routine individually to each project and be especially careful to fully understand the deliverables—including not only those due to complete the project, but those required throughout the life of the project depending on the needs of the government customer.

A common flow for a government project would be as follows:

  • Need identified and documented
    • The process of identifying a need can be either from government …

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