The Power of Seminars in Professional Development: Big Topics, Small Wins

Velimir is a Board Member for the Project Management Institute Singapore Chapter.

Everything starts with one word, one step, one meeting or one project. Even Nobel Prize winners tackle big topics with small wins. Whether you’re trying to solve a major portfolio issue or produce a high-quality project charter, everyday progress—every small win—can make a difference in how you feel and perform.

Professional development seminars provide small wins through PMI chapters. They shape our community and help members upskill, network and exchange ideas with peers and industry experts on a variety of topics like design thinking, risk management, fintech, blockchain and sustainability. Seminars bring professionals together to learn about the significance of project management and the latest innovation opportunities that might help them develop next practices for their organizations.

You can achieve small wins with your seminars by improving awareness with attendees about important topics in your community and industry (sharing is caring!). Let’s look at some trending topics that are perfect for exploring through professional development seminars—and the seminar wins that I have experienced through the PMI Singapore Chapter (SPMI):

1. Future skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The PMI Talent Triangle™—a combination of technical project management, leadership and strategic/business management skills—…

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