What Brexit Might Mean for Your Projects

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and project manager living and working in London. She run The Otobos Group, a project communications consultancy specializing in project management.

23 June 2016. It seems like a lifetime ago: British businesses have been living in a kind of no man’s land since the country went to the polls in the referendum about leaving the European Union. Irrespective of your politics, Brexit is happening. And yet there simply isn’t the groundswell of activity to help businesses prepare. What, exactly, are we preparing for?

A quick Google search shows that the time is ripe for people who can badge themselves as a “Brexit project manager,” and there are plenty of job opportunities in that arena. However, the bottom line is that at the time of writing, we still don’t know what Brexit really means for UK businesses, or the companies we do business with around the world.

The lack of information isn’t an excuse to do nothing.

Ask Questions
The first thing that we can all do as employees, or business owners, is to ask questions. How prepared is your business? If you trade with the UK or have UK customers (which is more common now than in the past, due to the ease of being able to do business online), what steps are you taking within your business to think about the implications of Brexit?

I can’t give you a solid project plan for everything your business needs to do to get ready for Brexit, but I do think it is a good idea to be asking questions. Talk to your colleagues about what the …

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"All generalizations are dangerous, even this one."

- Alexandre Dumas