Drive Strategic PM Value with the Internet of Things

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Get your project management juices flowing—it’s time to sink your teeth into some super high value-added projects! The focus is on disruptive influences, opportunities and demands driven by the Internet of Things. In other words, take a “thing” (i.e., a physical product), add valuable information to it and share it…and you are creating value using the IoT. Of course, it takes skilled project managers to actually make this happen.

A Little Background
If you can (if you’re old enough!), think back to the days when personal computers first arrived in the early 1980s. A personal computer was a great productivity device, with applications such as word processing and electronic spreadsheets that made it much easier to publish or compute large amounts of information.

However, the really major leap in value for personal computers was when people figured out how to connect them in a network—and ultimately to the web. The possibilities opened up for new ways to collaborate, build teams, make sales…all as a result of connecting a thing (a personal computer) to lots of other things.

The IoT revolution underway today is simply an extension of that, connecting “things” (like cars, thermostats, lights, pumps) to each other across the internet.

Strategic Drivers and the IoT
Let’s take a look at Honeywell, …

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