Topic Teasers Vol. 113: Will There Be Jobs Tomorrow?

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I am the proud parent of twins who are headed for college. They haven’t picked a major, but I’m hesitant to suggest project management. It seems that with the current business environment, we are losing production facilities and even technical services to other places in the world at a rapid pace. Will there be a need for project managers by the time my kids graduate, and will there still be a place for me?

A. While the ebb and flow of business always means there will be overages and shortages for employment in any year, decade and era, project managers should feel very secure in their employment options. And as a career, this is often listed as one of the top 10 highest paying and most satisfying job opportunities you can choose. Steer your kids into the field.

B. With the advent of DevOps, agile and AI, project managers only have a good five to seven years left with the security of a corporate PM position. If you are currently in a field with tangible products, you should be seriously updating your resume and retraining for one of these three new career paths.

C. Because of the upcoming millennial wave of people becoming old enough to have accrued the necessary experience to sit for a certification exam in project …

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