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New Age Organizational Roles

Vivek Gondi works for an information technology company specializing in web applications, automation testing, and project management. He believes that every project is an opportunity to learn and grow. He loves to read articles on various topics such as health, motivational literature, and technical subjects. Apart from technical expertise, he believes that managing stakeholders is the most important area that every professional should work on as they grow in their career. He likes to contribute to his company and community in his best capacities.

The roles that are present in the current business model still reflect the age-old model that was started in the 1990s in several industries. In the conventional model of project management, there is only a dedicated delivery team with a supervisor managing the entire effort. With increased scale and diversity in the execution of projects, a dedicated project management office (PMO), along with several alternate roles, becomes mandatory in the current industry. As the organization grows and business needs increase, the need for several roles arises in order to satisfy those needs on a timely basis. There is also a need for specialization in roles with a high focus on technology and skills.

In the conventional model, all tasks (administrative, operational, recruitment, training, and team management) are handled at the management level. Although this is a cost-effective model, it doesn’t help the organization to respond to changing business needs and aggressive customer requirements. Decision making is throttled and can become delayed due to the increased load on a few people. No time or effort is spent by the organization to move up the value chain due to the routine activities handled and the lack of bandwidth from these few individuals.

New Age Organizational Roles
In the alternative model of project management, several roles come up for suitable …

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