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Stephanie is a project process specialist, trainer and mentor. She is the Lead Consultant at Jaeger Consultants Ltd in Nairobi. Stephanie specializes in the human aspect of project management and leadership, and encourages discussion and feedback. She also writes regular blogs on

Having spent the last seven years developing solid project management processes and the internal project management methodology for two different companies, I became more fully aware of how essential they are. During my discussions with different internal stakeholders and some select clients, I noticed a number of common problems.

The issue
Both companies were doing client-facing projects as their core business; however, neither had defined company-wide processes. Basically, each department was doing its own thing—and even if there were verbal processes, there were often many exceptions to them that prevented a following of the norm.

Some of the departments were vendor specific and followed the vendor’s PM methodology. This led to a lot of confusion and disengagement between the different departments—and subsequently slowed down project implementation progress. At times, it even hampered the project outcome in terms of deliverables.

In both cases, there was a lot of frustration, misunderstanding and playing of the blame game. At the same time, technical personnel with no training in project management had to double-up as project managers. They often didn’t have much decision-making power, and they knew they didn’t know what they were doing. Even worse, they also felt like they had no one to consult with.

The solution
Company-wide, …

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