Enterprise Digital Agility: An Absolute Transformation

Gaurav is a consultant in Ghaziabad, U.P., India.

In this digital era, transformation of the enterprise is not complete without transformation of people. When we want to bring digital transformation, we look at our processes. Similarly, when we want to bring agile transformation, we look at our people/teams and their functioning.

Enterprise digital agility covers a wide spectrum of tools with best practices and a mindset to enable the transformation at both the process and people level.

Digital transformation encompasses the integration of digital technology for business processes and organizational activities to bring operational efficiency and optimizing processes in order to deliver the highest value and satisfaction to the customer.

Coming to the agile philosophy and its core principles, it focuses on customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of useful software. Further, agile principles are people oriented and embrace collaboration and interactions since change requires continuous communication between individuals.

Digital transformation brings a positive change by reducing the human effort in repetitive, rule-based and mundane tasks, thereby transforming the business operations.

The role of enterprise agility is very important as it brings the ability to adapt easily to the change introduced—and then sustain it. It allows organizations to respond quickly to the change resulting from…

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