The Unanchored Project Manager Vol. 5: Managing an Unanchored PM

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I am in the process of developing my “Closing as an Unanchored Project Manager” installment in this series, and writing this edition is challenging as I am still continuing this lifestyle successfully and happily. For this installment, I invited my manager, Catherine Oliver-Weems, to write a piece on what it is like to successfully manage myself and our team. She has been completely supportive of my endeavors and leading our team to be more successful. This is not an easy undertaking as she has a large team of 18 project managers and four requirements managers that are all remote with heavy workloads.

Managing an Unanchored Project Manager
I have been managing remote employees for 20 years. Although this can be difficult at times, I have found the diversity in such a team to be refreshing and can spark different and creative ideas. Those sparks can keep the entire team motivated to think in creative ways that they might not have otherwise.

I am not sure the word “creative” covers the description of Michael’s travels and adventures of living off a motorcycle, but he certainly has added a different perspective to the group. I work remotely myself and have never physically met Michael, even though I feel I know him quite well from our one-on-one meetings held via Skype every few weeks.

My current team is scattered from coast to …

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