Project Management

Hybrid Evaluation: A Compelling Vision

Kagiso is a PM Specialist in Hammanskraal, Gauteng, South Africa.

Ideas, needs and problems crystallize into projects in different ways. In this article, I will outline how project formulation varies in different companies and with different kinds of projects. As a hybrid project manager, I will explain how to integrate traditional evaluation techniques with agile practices.

Whatever your new venture or project, there should be a feasibility study—not only to ensure that the project is achievable, but to see if the new venture is going to make the best use of company resources. You should be aware that every new venture, idea and opportunity evolves and develops in many different ways. An integrative evaluation technique will enable the organization to achieve its product or service objectives (like releasing to market on time).

I have designed an evaluation technique based on the integration of traditional project reviews with an agile approach; this applies to both projects and organizational-based delivery of services/products. This evaluation is interconnected during initiation and sprint review meetings, which means there are regular check-ups to see if the product is working during development. This enables the owner to make changes if needed—and ensures that the team is aware of any issues.

This technique allows the product owner to create a compelling vision for the product or service. Creating and completing the …

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