Managing Organizational Change

PMI Kenya Chapter

Stephanie is Lead Consultant for Jaeger Consultants Kenya Ltd. in Nairobi.

Change is necessary, and it seems to be happening faster and faster every day. As project managers, we should all expect to be involved in change projects.

Having managed multiple organizational change projects in several companies (including several office moves), I have experienced first-hand how change affects the individual employee and how it can disrupt operations if not handled well. I have been involved in both successful and unsuccessful change projects, and learned lessons from both. Now I want to summarize those lessons so that others can benefit from my experience.

The very first thing one needs to understand and internalize is that change is never easy and people will react differently to it. Therefore, people management during the change project needs to be well planned. You and your team need to be ready for various reactions and give guidance where necessary.

What is organizational change?
Organizational change is anything that changes what a company does or how it is being done. Change projects include the following:

  • Physical office moves
  • Leadership changes
  • New processes
  • Changes to organizational structure
  • Introduction of new systems, software, etc. (even a change from manual to digital time/attendance systems)
  • Corporate culture changes
  • Strategy shifts
  • Change of core product or service

All the these will affect each and every…

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