Topic Teasers Vol. 115: Project QuickPlan

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Maybe I’m a project manager, or maybe a ScrumMaster? All I know is that my organization is using a form of agile, and I think implementing the most important parts of it. But we don’t quite have the entire “team meeting with the product owner and the other high-level stakeholders” perfected yet. For the necessary communication, I do get to sit with them and ask questions, which is good. However, without my familiar processes and paperwork for traditional projects, I don’t quite know what to ask or how to get the proper sign-offs. How can I make sure I’m taking the proper information back to my team?

A. Even if your organization is not totally agile, you should insist that it gets you certified as a ScrumMaster. None of the projects you lead will be successful if you do not have the proper credentials so that you have the respect of the team.

B. Many project managers are finding that without their familiar documents, they cannot create and track projects that will be successful. Until PMI says that you are not allowed to continue to use the same process and documentation, regardless of what words you use to describe it, keep on exactly as you have in the past.

C. Kocomo is the newest blend of agile and…

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