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Introducing Project Management in a Circumspect Culture

New Jersey Chapter

Charles Borrelli is an IT Project Management Consultant in New Jersey.

Although the tenets of project management are an accepted industry standard, there are still many managers and business cultures that are somewhat hesitant to implement them. In many circumstances, management may think the time it takes to manage important steps like risk management and work breakdown structures takes away from the work it takes to actually do the project.

Instead of wasting resources fighting against the environment, it should be fairly straightforward to introduce key elements of project management. This article addresses project management elements that focus on communication.

There are many corporate and public sector cultures that minimize planning. Often, the organizational culture emphasizes starting a project with minimum fuss and getting the product or service into the hands of the end user. Sometimes this is based upon too much focus on the bottom line; in other instances, it may be caused by an end user that has little choice (e.g., public sector or a market with limited choices). Regardless of the reasons, when overseeing a project in this environment it’s important to utilize some project management best practices. This is very useful when the project manager is also a contributing team member.

Approach: Keeping it Simple
Arguably one of the most important aspects of project management is communication. From …

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