Topic Teasers Vol. 116: 6 Ways to Be a Bad Leader

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When I got my PMI certification, leadership was not really an important part of the study or testing process. Now I am finding as I lead teams that I am feeling very insecure about my managerial skills. Projects are not being completed as planned, and although I stand behind my prep work to set the project up skillfully, I think my interactions with the team may possibly be the issue. What’s a quick way to know how to lead people well without upsetting them?

A. It is admirable that you are taking the responsibility for the problems in the team; however, when a project is not completed on time, on budget and with a high degree of quality, it seldom has anything to do with the behavior of the project manager or individual leading the team. Give yourself a break and look for the true person to blame for the group’s lack of success.

B. Leadership certifications are available. Search the web for places that offer this kind of training and become an expert in this field, too. Without this specific education you will continue to fail in your projects.

C. The fastest way to get your teams back on track if problems arise from your leadership (or lack thereof) is to make a checklist of the biggest things to avoid and watch out for …

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