Aikido and Project Management: Training the Martial Leader

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Manuel is a CEO in Lima, Peru.

I am a Peruvian engineer and telecommunications specialist. Certified as a PMP® and as an independent consultant, I have worked in the mining and construction industries. I am passionate about project management best practices—and helping businesspeople and managers orient them, form knowledge of them and forge the edge of their future leaders to help them in their mission.

I am currently a liaison with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation and Past President of the Lima Peru Chapter (with more than 2,000 associates). Last November in Lima, we held our XII International Congress of Project Management. I was chosen as an exhibitor, and I prepared something innovative and creative related to the connection between two subjects that I love: aikido, a martial art; and projects.

This article elaborates on my presentation and seeks to show how practicing aikido provides a project manager valuable leadership lessons in his or her daily struggle to achieve desired objectives.

Projects require people with leadership skills to ensure that everything goes according to plan, but we can’t achieve it alone. People must commit themselves and—above all—feel confident, professional and pleasant in a work environment.

Directing projects is like managing small companies within a company, so this is also dedicated to managers …

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