Project Management

Logistics Project Management: The Basics

Approaching project management in the field of logistics requires broad insight into a true end-to-end process, quality documentation, and far-reaching team management skills. This article dives into the methods, documents and best practices used when tackling a large logistics project.

“Logistics must be simple—everyone thinks they’re an expert.”
– Anonymous

How to Succeed in Managing a Global Logistics Project
“Where’s my package??”

This is a question we are all familiar with—especially after we have clicked the “Buy Now” button on endless online shopping sites. The interesting fact is that the end consumer is not the only one asking that question. The process begins back at the manufacturing plant where the product is made, and continues all the way to the buyer’s doorstep. The stops in between can certainly add up! There’s the seller’s location that placed the order, freight-forwarder pickups, ports, customs clearances, milestone signatures, hand-offs, and finally, the delivery. How does one manage this process for a customer?

Integrated Logistics – A True End-to-End Process
The goal of integrated logistics is to connect all parties involved in the shipping processes that occur in the manufacturing of a product, as well as delivering the end product to the end-…

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