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How Can You Fail Gracefully in a Lean Lab Environment?

I’ve been a project/program manager for most of my career, and have been involved in many waterfall-type projects. 

These initiatives started with grand ambitions, large budgets, large teams, excitement, momentum, and a lot of fanfare as to how these projects would move the needle in the organization.

As we progressed though projects, scope changes managed to creep in and the development team started to fall behind schedule. As my project plans confirmed the slippage of project timelines and the burn rate on the project budget became larger as we added more developers to make up for the project schedule, the concerns and panic started to set in.

Often, by the time we delivered the project, we not only went way over budget and missed the go-live date, but we delivered a project that no longer was relevant to the original intent. The market changed during the course of the project and we did not alter course to accommodate for the market conditions.

Companies are aware that their markets and customer fickleness change frequently. In order to keep up with the changes, organizations have to figure out a faster way to deliver features to keep up with the changes. That is why the lean lab methodology and the creation of a lean lab team is becoming one of the more popular delivery methods. I’ve been managing lean labs for years and have seen how successful…

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