The Unanchored Project Manager Vol. 6: Closing Life as an Unanchored PM

Michael is a technical project/program management manager.

“Always run towards problems and threats. Run full speed towards them with your sword drawn ready to overcome them in battle. Problems won’t disappear just because you are hiding under your bed.” - Michael Huber

Well, the title doesn’t sound that uplifting; but in most cases, closure is required when living as an unanchored project manager—just as it is with any other project we successfully manage. For life as an unanchored PM, the closure process of the lifestyle will be unique for each individual. There will even be a select few that may not require the closure portion at all and instead will be happy to continue this lifestyle for an indefinite period of time.

For others, there will be signs that it’s time to begin planning an exit strategy and prepare for closing. These signs will be different for each person but can range from exhaustion and feeling the absence of a geographically stable environment to missing friends and family. Having self-awareness and accepting that it’s time to reel in this lifestyle is critical for a successful closing process.

The outline below is one that follows stages of overcoming grief or loss in your life. This seems dramatic, but this is how I personally navigate through this sometimes-challenging process. My purpose in using this format is to illustrate that there is an obstacle to overcome…

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