Topic Teasers Vol. 120: Should We Video Conference?

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Coming from a medium-sized business that is expanding, I have been tasked to head up a project to evaluate setting up a video conferencing system for use with our customers, and also to do internal training (especially with our remote offices). My background is not in this area, and I just need a little nudge to help me see what types of things I should consider before I create my scope statement, my budget and my schedule. Any ideas?

A. Video communication systems are unnecessary—and are only for those organizations trying to impress customers and other viewers with their wealth. Studies show that a written e-mail is a much more valuable form of communication, as it can be printed off and used as a point of referral if details about the conversation are forgotten.

B. Today’s generation of workers are huge fans of screens. They will respond and gain information that they retain much more easily and quickly if you communicate via video rather than face to face or on the telephone. Don’t let the naysayers discourage your immediate installation of this innovative type of business communication.

C. With today’s privacy and security laws—and with concern about equality in the workplace—it is becoming …

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