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Topic Teasers Vol. 122: Can I Say This About Agile?

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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I work in an environment where the scrum version of agile, which is evidently great for some organizations, just doesn’t work. Can I say this about agile, as I know it is the hot, new approach to projects? It’s just that there are some industries where, from what I read about this strategy, it is a great philosophy…but the actual steps to do it don’t quite fit. Is there any alternative to rejecting the whole methodology?

A. With today’s advancement in video conferencing and work-at-home options, the chances for any form of agile to be advantageous for your projects is slim. Agile practices rest on a foundation of all the team members being in the same room so they can see wall charts and meet in impromptu meetings in the morning and throughout the day. Unless you are a co-located team writing original software, you are better off sticking to more traditional forms of project management.

B. The research done on the scrum methodology shows that there are huge jumps in customer satisfaction, speed to finish and cost savings to the organization. It can work for everyone! Perhaps you need to approach it with a more open-minded way of thinking. scrum can work for anyone in any industry—and should be your only…

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