No-Collar Workforce: The Future of Project Management?

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A technology consultant by profession, Kunal is a leader with more than 17 years of experiences in transforming business processes and improving organizational efficiencies through various technology solutions across industries and across sectors.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies (CT), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is increasingly taking a bigger role in corporate life. This allows companies to get into new revenue models—and managing human resources and machines poses a new challenge.

HR departments are also gearing up to deal with virtual workers, cognitive agents, bots and tons of other entities in the "no collar" workforce. In this article, I will try to bring a perspective from India (and across the globe) on how the no-collar workforce is shaping the future of project management.

Like another disruptive technologies, AI and robotic process automation (RPA) are threatening the need for some “human jobs” in the day-to-day workplace, especially with more mundane tasks. The dire headlines that we all see may cite impressive statistics across countries, but they do not consider a much more hopeful—and likely—scenario: In the near future, human workers and machines will work together seamlessly, each complementing the other’s efforts in a single loop of productivity.

In addition, HR organizations will begin developing new strategies and tools for recruiting, managing and training a hybrid human/machine workforce.

Project management is one such area that has experienced a sea of changes in the past three decades. In …

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